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New PROMON U750 - high speed camera power via USB3

Now works via a simple usb connection    Download Brochure

PROMON- more than "just" a camera system

In addition to images, capture important measured data on you.re PROMON System. Now you have the opportunity to carry out more comprehensive evaluations. Possible measured data includes:
  • Forces and tension
  • Pressure
  • Temperature
  • Conditions (open/closed)
The recorded analogue and digital data are displayed in a Separate chart (a). In addition, detailed data lines and values Are overlaid onto the images (b).

Sample Industrial Video Clips

Tablet manufacturing at 250,000 tablets/hour Cartoner Machine at 300 cartons/min


AOS - Manufacturing Facilities Switzerland

Did you Know.??
Process control using a commercial camcorder is common. However this leads to success in very few cases. On the one hand the picture rate of 25 or 50 pictures per second is usually too slow, in fact most modern video cameras only capture a few supporting pictures per second and they interpolate intermediate frames so that no real information can be gleaned. What about "fast" digital cameras? -with advertisements often boasting "1000 pictures/second" . These are also unsuitable for industrial applications - the image quality is very poor due to smaller resolution and extreme data compression of the image. Video and digital cameras also require manual operation of the Start/Stop button, which makes the finding and analysing of the crucial sequences very time consuming, like searching for a needle in a haystack.
PROMON camera systems however capture separate images with no temporal or spatial compression, so every detail of the fastest procedures is captured. In addition PROMON systems can also be triggered accurately, to guarantee that no critical procedure is missed and enabling rapid and purposeful evaluation of specific events.

Commercial video camera with compressed display format
(supporting pictures with interpolated intermediate frames)


(uncompressed frames, each one containing complete image information)

Note: This is a simplified representation.

Manufactured to Cleanroom Specifications

NEW Mobile High Speed 4 Camera System with Clean Room Specifications
- 316 Stainless steel or FDA Approved Polycarbonate enclosure with medical grade castors
- Brushed grain 400 finish
- Medical grade keyboard
- AOS high speed streaming cameras
- Controller for streaming cameras with sequence storage
- AOS high speed streaming software
- Single - Pane safety glass for screen diagonal 19"
- Enclosed storage for cameras lighting and accessories

Cameras fps - 500 to 5000
Data Interface - Gigabit Ethernet.
Camera Dimensions - 52x52x64mm

- CPU Intel Core i7 Processor.
- RAM Customized to Specific requirements.
- HDD TB Customized to Specific requirements.
- LAN 10/100/1000
- Windows 7
- Up to 4 High Speed Cameras Connected.

- Medical Grade Keyboard.
- Sealed Ultra flat Keypad.
- Silicon Key Membrane.
- No Spaces for dirt and bacteria to accumulate
- Surface Disinfection by spray/wipe sanitizing.
- Integrated Touchpad
- 82 Backlit Keys

Mobile Flexibility

NEW Promon Scope G2
The high-speed camera system PROMON SCOPE G2 sets new standards for portable high-speed recording devices. Thanks to an intuitive touchscreen interface, a weight of only 2.5 kg (5.5lbs), as well as a battery-supported autonomy time of more than two hours, the compact and portable system is ready for immediate use on the factory floor - due to its solid construction also in challenging environments. PROMON SCOPE G2 supports users in troubleshooting, servicing assembly lines, preventive maintenance tasks, and in fine-tuning and optimization of production processes.
  • Ready to use in an instant - No time consuming installations, setups or configurations necessary. Autonomous operation thanks to built-in battery.
  • External signals - Recording of external analog and digital signals; retains system conditions during the recording
  • Efficient - Rapid detection of errors and optimization potential
  • Intuitive operation - Progressive, intuitive operating concept; minimal training periods
  • Robust construction - Shock absorbing aluminum-magnesium-casing for use in tough environmental conditions

Promon Scope G2
Portable High Speed Streaming System

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