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What is Errata Vision?

  • Erra'ta Vision gigE Gigabit Ethernet High Speed proven camera technology.
  • Records & Logs Equipment Faults.
  • When a fault cccurs Erra'ta Vision records before and after the event.
  • Faults can be reviewed at various speeds by time/date/ type of fault.
  • Event Triggered.
  • Multi-Camera Configuration with split screen viewing.

When do you use Erra'ta Vision?

  • High Speed Equipment problems.
  • For critical machine tuning and settings.
  • New equipment.
  • Equipment Validation.
  • For technicial vendor support.
  • Intermitting problems.
  • Hard to see areas.
  • Achieving OEE

Benefits of Motion Analysis

  • Man
  • Material
  • Machine
  • Methods

Benefits - Man

  • Solve and identify production and quality issues faster.
  • Retrieve and see what exactly happened.
  • Operators are better able to assess and correct simple problems.
  • Improve communications.
  • Correct adjustments first time.
  • Improve OEE.
  • Video clips will enhance operator and engineering personnel training

Benefits - Material

  • Identify problems caused by poor material.
  • Show clips and pictures of the material problems to vendors remotely.
  • Replaces finger pointing with a focus on the solution.

Benefits - Machine

  • Prevents misdiagnosis.
  • Playback technical issues with machine manufacturers on site, remotely or in real time.
  • Playback previous equipment settings.
  • Playback previous machine faults from history.
  • Enhance equipment maintenance.

Benefits - Method

  • Identify issues that will enhance OEE.
  • Optimise the fault finding process.
  • Optimise the product change overs.
  • Optimise your resources.
  • Optimise your training and team work.
  • World Class Manufacturing

Remote Online Access

  • Secure remote access
  • Secure remote encrypted access.
  • No required changes to servers.
  • No maintenance or upgrades to manage.
  • Multiple password protected.
  • Provides access to the application.

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